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원미연 (Won Mi-Yeon) – 천사의 선택 Part 2
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Below is the (complete) track list of 천사의 선택 Part 2 soundtrack by 원미연 (Won Mi-Yeon). This Soundtrack is released / published by Creative Entertainment | ㈜ KT Music at 2012.06.08. Click on the song title or download icon to save the MP3 file (a new browser window will be opened) to your computer.

Please note that this whole CD Quality (256 kbps / 320 kbps) audio songs for soundtrack 천사의 선택 Part 2 by 원미연 (Won Mi-Yeon) are provided for promotion and evaluation purpose only. Once you finished listen to it, be sure to remove / delete it from your PC within 2 x 24 hours after you download it. Also, we DO NOT save this MP3 music archive on our server nor upload it by ourself elsewhere. We just collect it from other sources, such as 4Shared, Mediafire, Boomupload, etc. Last but not least, be sure to support the artist by buying his / her / their original CD.

Track List (리스트 추적)

  1. 위로해 주세요
  2. 위로해 주세요 (inst)

Full Lyrics / Song Text (전체 가사)

sarang-e mami apaseo maeumeul geuman dachyeostjyo
imi oraejeon ilinde ajikdo nae mameun beeojin heunjeongmani….

hokshi nae maeumeul andamyeon geudaega meonjeo nae soneul jabajuseyo
jinan sangcheo gamssa anajumyeo deugeopge nareul wirohaejuseyo

jiwoyaman handamyeon ijeneun jeongmal jiulgeyo
jinan yetsarang-e deyeo nae mameun sangcheotuseong-ijiman
dadeuthage nal boneun geudaeui du nuneul bomyeon nae mam heundeullyeo
eojjeomyeon johayo

mideodo doelggayo ibeone deollimeun gaseumeun mideurago malhaneyo
dadeuthan geudaeui pumsoge yeong-wonhi jamdeun che saranghago shipeo


사랑에 맘이 아파서 마음을 그만 다쳤죠
이미 오래전 일인데 아직도 내 맘은 베어진 흔적만이….

혹시 내 마음을 안다면 그대가 먼저 내 손을 잡아주세요
지난 상처 감싸 안아주며 뜨겁게 나를 위로해주세요

지워야만 한다면 이제는 정말 지울게요
지난 옛사랑에 데여 내 맘은 상처투성이지만
따듯하게 날 보는 그대의 두 눈을 보면 내 맘 흔들려
어쩌면 좋아요

믿어도 될까요 이번에 떨림은 가슴은 믿으라고 말하네요
따듯한 그대의 품속에 영원히 잠든 체 사랑하고 싶어

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