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소냐 (Sonya) – 메이퀸 (MAY QUEEN) OST Part 1
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Below is the (complete) track list of 메이퀸 (MAY QUEEN) OST Part 1 soundtrack by 소냐 (Sonya). This Soundtrack is released / published at 2012.10.06. Click on the song title or download icon to save the MP3 file (a new browser window will be opened) to your computer.

Please note that this whole CD Quality (256 kbps / 320 kbps) audio songs for soundtrack 메이퀸 (MAY QUEEN) OST Part 1 by 소냐 (Sonya) are provided for promotion and evaluation purpose only. Once you finished listen to it, be sure to remove / delete it from your PC within 2 x 24 hours after you download it. Also, we DO NOT save this MP3 music archive on our server nor upload it by ourself elsewhere. We just collect it from other sources, such as 4Shared, Mediafire, Boomupload, etc. Last but not least, be sure to support the artist by buying his / her / their original CD.

Track List (리스트 추적)

  1. 굿바이 투 로맨스
  2. 굿바이 투 로맨스 (Inst.)

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1. 굿바이 투 로맨스
2. 굿바이 투 로맨스 (Inst.)

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